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Financial Support


Financial Support

We provide traveling allowance and/or pre-arranged accommodation for all participants that have applied for travel allowance and/or pre-arranged accommodation prior the deadline. Please follow this link to get further information on your pre-arranged accommodations as well as the contact details of the respective hotels: accommodation
The amount of the traveling allowance depends on the location of your home institute. Please read off from the table below your maximal possible travel allowance:

Germany: maximal EUR 150,00

Europe: maximal EUR 300,00

Non-Europe: maximal EUR 700,00

Please note that these amounts given above are the maximum grant in traveling allowance you will receive. However, to determine the sum each individual participant gets reimbursed for each participant will receive an envelope at the beginning of the school which contains a form that you need to fill out carefully (bank details etc..) and enclose your ORIGINAL travel receipts / vouchers / tickets etc..
Please review your expenses and submit your receipts upon completion of your trip to the institute address given on the envelope to enable us to pay your travel allowance. As a maximum you can be reimbursed for the travel expenses that have arisen to you. However, note that in case your travel expenses exceed the amounts shown in the table above your maximal reimbursement is the respective travel allowance stated above.

In urgent matters from 27.08.2012 until 24.09.2012 please contact one of our local organisers Prof. Giesel by email.