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Fifth Tux winter workshop (2017)


Fifth Tux workshop on Quantum Gravity




Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17 2017


In the Tux Center, in the village of Tux, in the Austrian alps.

Tux in winter


Topics covered by the conference include

  • All approaches to loop quantum gravity (e.g. canonical, covariant, GFT)
  • Other approaches to quantum gravity and their relation to LQG
  • LQG related quantum gravity phenomenology
  • Quantum gravity topics of general interest

Hintertux Glacier

This year, we specifically invite contributions concerning the continuum limit and renormalisation. More general and in particular pedagogical talks on these issues are highly welcome. While all other contributions are also welcome, we reserve the right to treat presentations targeting the topic of the workshop with preference.

Tux Center

Links to previous Tux meetings can be found here .


  • Norbert Bodendorfer <>
  • Christian Fleischhack <>
  • Jerzy Lewandowski <>
  • Hanno Sahlmann <>

Workshop venue

the workshop will be held at the Tux Center

Tux Center

Tux Center

Workshop dinner

is planned at the Höllenstein-Hütte.

Workshop dinner