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Students Quantum Gravity Seminar


Winter Term 2018/19

Title Speaker Date
Entropy of black holes including matter degrees of freedom Johannes Selisko (FAU Erlangen, Germany) February 28
The Lewis-Riesenfeld Invariant in the context of a Loop Quantum Cosmology quantisation Bystrik Matas (FAU Erlangen) November 08
Expectation Values of Holonomy-Operators in Cosmological Coherent States for Loop Quantum Gravity (Bachelor Colloquium) Ernst-Albrecht Zwicknagel (FAU Erlangen) November 07

Summer Term 2018

Title Speaker Date
On the curvature of surfaces in loop quantum gravity Daniils Sidorovs (FAU Erlangen, Germany) September 27
Implications from Different Regularisations for the Canonically Quantised k=1 FLRW Spacetime Stefan Weigl (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) September 26
Journal club June 25
First meeting Journal Club June 19

Winter Term 2016/17

Title Speaker Date
SQGS: Gödels first incompleteness theorem Thorsten Lang (FAU IQG) February 06
SQGS: Clocks in Cosmology - From the Bardeen Potentials to Haunting Adrian Herzog (FAU IQG) January 23
SQGS: Solving the Hamiltonian Constraint in Gowdy AQG David Winnekens (FAU IQG) January 16
SQGS: Hamilton Constraint in Gowdy AQG Andreas Leitherer (FAU IQG) January 09
SQGS: Signature Change in Quantum Cosmology Susanne Schander (FAU IQG) December 12
SQGS: Dynamically stable coherent states Almut Oelmann (FAU IQG) October 24

Summer Term 2016

Title Speaker Date
SQGS: Spin in matter field theories Nils Alex (FAU IQG) September 26
SQGS: Space adiabatic perturbation theory in quantum gravity Susanne Schander (FAU IQG) August 29
SQGS: Surface Holonomies and higher gauge theory Thomas Zilker (FAU IQG) August 15
SQGS: Semiclassical Perturbation of the Volume Operator Klaus Liegener (FAU IQG) August 01

Winter Term 2015/16

Title Speaker Date
SQGS: The Hamiltonian Constraint in Gowdy AQG Andreas Leitherer (FAU IQG) January 09

Summer Term 2015

Title Speaker Date
On the relation of canonical and covariant formulations of Loop Quantum Gravity [PhD defence] Antonia Zipfel (FAU Erlangen, Germany & University Warsaw, Polen) April 28

Winter Term 2014/15

Title Speaker Date
Deriving Symmetry-reduced Gravity - Two Case Studies (Students Quantum Gravity Seminar) Maximilian Düll (IQG, FAU Erlangen) November 17
Symmetric Bundles (Students Quantum Gravity Seminar) Nils Alex (IQG, FAU Erlangen) November 03
Renormalization (Students Quantum Gravity Seminar) Klaus Liegener (IQG, FAU Erlangen) October 20
Cosmology (Students Quantum Gravity Seminar) Benedikt Böhm (IQG, FAU Erlangen) October 06

Winter Term 2013/14

Title Speaker Date
(Students Quantum Gravity Seminar) Florian Wolz (IQG, FAU Erlangen) January 12