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Winter Term 2017/18

Advanced theoretical physics: Advanced quantum mechanics



Zeit und Ort:

  • Di 10:00-12:00 Uhr, HD (außer 17.10.2017)
  • Do 10:00-12:00 Uhr, HD (außer 17.10.2017)
  • Einzeltermin am 17.10.2017 10:00-11:45 Uhr, HD (außer 17.10.2017)

Studienfächer / Studienrichtungen

  • WPF Ph-MA 123456789ABCDEF (ECTS-Credits: 10)
  • WF PhM-MA 123456789ABCDEF (ECTS-Credits: 10)

Voraussetzungen / Organisatorisches

Voluntary interim examinations: Two voluntary written tests of 45 minutes length each are offered in the course of the lecture. The tests are based on problems from homework sheets. If one of the tests is successfully passed, this improves the grade by 0.3 or 0.4. If both tests are successfully passed, it improves the grade by 0.6 or 0.7.


*QM recap*

- algebras, states, representations
- bounded and unbounded operators
- spectrum

*Symmetries in QM*

- groups, unitary representations, ray representations
- Lie groups and algebras
- Application: angular momentum

*Propagators and path integrals*

- Propagator for simple systems
- Brownian motion, Gaussian path integrals
- Path integral representation
- Perturbation theory, Feynman diagrams

*QM with multiple particles*

- tensor product
- identical particles
- Fock spaces, second quantization

*Relativistic QM*

- Lorentz group and its representations
- scalars and Klein-Gordon equation
- Spinors and Dirac equation